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Blue Heelers


  • Life’s about more than the badge! Journey back to the country town of Mt Thomas, population 10,000. Where morality reigns and goodness triumphs over evil…most of the time. The highway brings of the time. The highway brings tourists, trouble and endless work for the police station and the local community aren’t shy in coming forward when they don’t agree with the local coppers. 27 DVDs, 70 hrs.


  • SEASON 1

    DISCS:  27 DVDs
    TOTAL RUNNING TIME:  4230 mins (70½ hrs)
    GENRE:  TV Series / Crime / Action / Drama
    LANGUAGES:  English
    ACTORS:  John Wood, Julie Nihill, Martin Sacks, Lisa McCune, Paul Bishop, William McInnes, Axl Taylor, Jane Allsop
    DIRECTORS:  Chris Langman, Steve Mann, Ray Quint, Richard Sarell, Fiona Banks and more 
    RATING:  M – Moderate themes, moderate violence, drug references, infrequent coarse language
    FORMAT:  Colour, PAL
    ASPECT RATIO:  4:3 Standard
    AUDIO:  Dolby Digital
    REGIONS:  4 (Mexico, Central and South America, Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, Oceania)
    YEAR:  1994-1996
    EPISODES:  96

    Disc 1 – Season 1
    1. A Woman’s Place
    2. Doing it Tough
    3. Why Give People Rights?
    Disc 2
    4. Wives
    5. Waiting for Apples
    6. Apprehended Violence
    Disc 3
    7. Life After Death
    8. Domino Effect
    9. Diary Entry
    Disc 4
    10. Visions Splendid
    11. Abandoned
    12. Damaged Goods
    Disc 5
    13. Armed and Dangerous
    14. Reunion
    15. Family Lies
    Disc 6
    16. Theft
    17. Meat is Hung, Men are Hanged

    Disc 1 – Season 2 (Part 1) *** is actually just a continuation of Season 1 ***
    18. Conduct Unbecoming
    19. Good Cop, Bad Cop
    20. The Final Season
    21. Payback
    Disc 2
    22. Sex Lies and Videotape
    23. The Men in Her Life
    24. A Bird in the Hand
    25. Missing
    Disc 3
    26. Day in Court
    27. Nowhere to Run
    28. Consequences
    29. A Matter of Trust
    Disc 4
    30. Necessary Force
    31. Bitter Harvest
    32. Crazy Like a Fox
    33. Old Dogs, New Tricks
    Disc 5
    34. Labour of Love
    35. Escape Route
    36. Adverse Possession
    Disc 6
    37. The Folly of Youth
    38. Face Value
    39. Suspicion
    40. Without Intent

    Disc 7 – Season 2 (Part 2)   *** continuation of Season 1 ***
    41. Family Matters
    42. The First Stone
    43. Skin Deep
    44. Luck of the Draw
    Disc 8
    45. Damage Control
    46. Without a Trace  *** first Episode of Season 2 ***
    47. A Question of Courage
    48. A Cruel Reality
    Disc 9
    49. Mates
    50. Out of Harm’s Way
    51. Breaking the Cycle
    52. Heavy Traffic
    Disc 10
    53. Gun Law
    54. Ripples on the Pond

    Disc 1 – Season 3 (Part 1)  *** continuation of Season 2 ***
    55. Protected Species
    56. Stop for a Bite
    57. The Long & Winding Road
    58. The Old School Tie
    Disc 2
    59. Mother Love
    60. Dead Ringer
    61. The Lolita Blues
    62. Shadow Man
    Disc 3
    63. Trust Me
    64. Parenting
    65. Gun Crazy
    66. With Prejudice
    Disc 4
    67. Paranoia (Part 1)
    68. Paranoia (Part 2)
    69. The Collector
    70. The Homecoming Queen
    Disc 5
    71. Secrets
    72. The Last Straw
    73. The Best Rivals
    74. Swings & Roundabouts
    Disc 6
    75. Double Jeopardy (Part 1)
    76. Double Jeopardy (Part 2)

    Disc 7 – Season 3 (Part 2)  *** continuation of Season 2 ***
    77. The Mongrel Factor
    78. Just Deserts
    79. Unnatural Death
    80. Tough Love
    Disc 8
    81. A Question of Loyalties
    82. Vow of Silence
    83. Juggling with Smoke
    84. The Discount Suit
    Disc 9
    85. Brotherly Love (Part 1)
    86. Brotherly Love (Part 2)
    87. Once Only Withdrawal (Part 1)  *** first episode of Season 3 ***
    88. Once Only Withdrawal (Part 2)
    Disc 10
    89. Second Innings
    90. Spider Man
    91. Day of Reckoning
    92. Sex and Death
    Disc 11
    93. Not in My Backyard
    94. All Part of the Service
    95. Dog Days
    96. An Act of Random Violence

    - Photo gallery (S1, Disc 1, S2 Pt 1, Disc 5, S3 Pt 1, Disc 6, S3, Pt 2, Disc 5)
    - Audio Commentary with John Wood and David Clarke for Good Cop, Bad Cop (S2, Disc 1 Pt 1)
    - Audio Commentary with John Wood and David Clarke for Luck of the Draw (S2, Disc 7 Pt 2)


  • Product Rating: Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating (4.67)
    Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating
    1. Mr Downey from NSW on 1/01/2018

    I bought these videos for my son who loves Blue Heelers. He does not want to come out of his room until he has watched them all. The quality of picture is excellent and the service I received from innovations was great!! Keep up the good work

    Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating
    2. Miss Lestrelle from NSW on 28/08/2017

    So far I have only watched 2 of the episodes and they have brought back memories from when I watched them years ago. Thank you for bringing back the oldies.

    Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating
    3. Mrs Newberry from SA on 11/02/2018

    even though a bit dated still and interesting series


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