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Decorative Watering Globes - Set of 4

A lovely way to keep plants healthy - no more dried-out plants!

Do you worry your plants will dry out while you’re away? Here’s an easy way to keep them moist and healthy! Simply fill these glass globes with water and push the stems into the soil so the roots can absorb the moisture they need. 24 or 25cm tall and supplied in a set of four, the cute bird, mushroom, snail and owl designs will also add a decorative touch to your indoor or outdoor pots.

Decorative Watering Globes - Set of 4SKU: DPGBS
Stock: Sorry, this product has sold out and has been discontinued

Bird: 11 W x 5 D x 25 H cm
Snail: 12 W x 6 D x 24 H cm
Owl: 7.3 W x 6.5 D x 25 H cm
Mushroom: 10 W x 7 D x 25 H cm.

Warning Always be aware that glass can become dangerous if improperly handled.
Follow all instructions below whenever this product is in use.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Warning Do not push the globe into soil in by gripping the head.
  2. Always use the stem to insert into soil!
  3. Always use protective gloves like gardening gloves.
  4. Always carry each item with both hands to avoid dropping or bumping them.
  5. Carefully fill using a small water stream from water tap.
  6. Always use the glass stem to push water globe into soil. Never use the top bulb to push down!
  7. Never force the glass stem into hard soil. Loosen soil with a fork or trowel or use a pencil to make the initial hole in the soil before trying to insert glass.
  8. Be gentle and slow when inserting the stem. Applying too much force to the glass may cause damage to the item and possible injury.
  9. Do not rock glass stem back and forth to force stem in to soil as this may cause the stem to break.
  10. Appropriate gloves should be worn where there is a risk of breakage.
  11. Not dishwasher safe. Carefully hand wash in warm soapy water
  12. When drying glassware, place globes on towels, lined basket, or slip-resistant pads. Be sure to place away from the edge of the bench.
  13. In case of glass breakage use mechanical means to pick up the pieces such as a broom and dustpan or vacuum cleaner.
  14. Tongs should be used to pick up large pieces of broken glass.
  15. Small shards can be picked up using a wet paper towel or absorbent pad or by using rolled-up tape.
  16. Broken glass may be disposed of in a cardboard box.