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Late Summer 2015

There’s still plenty of time to relax outdoors this summer. Of course, it’s hard to relax completely when you’re being bitten by mosquitos, so you’ll be happy to know we’ve found a brilliant new way to keep them away. The Mosquito Trap on page 17 gives off the heat and scent that attracts them to people, amazingly it pretends to be human! The Electric Mini Blower on page 7 is a quick and easy way to keep your outdoor areas neat and tidy. It weighs just over a kilo, so you won’t feel exhausted when you’ve finished the job. As soon as we receive your order you’ll be entered into our $50,000 Cash Giveaway. So don’t wait – take a look through your new catalogue now and make your selection. You could win that incredible $40,000 first prize!

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New Year 2015

Welcome to a catalogue that’s sure to get the New Year off to a great start!

There’s still plenty of warm weather to come so we’ve included some wonderful ways to make the most of your garden. The graceful Verdigris Herons make a particularly elegant focal point and the pretty Solar Lantern has the added appeal of wind chimes that tinkle prettily in the breeze. You can even treat yourself to some delicious home-grown tomatoes! The Tomato Grow Pots make it easy – and, as you simply push them into a grow bag, they’re perfect for patios and sunny balconies, too.


Once again, we hope you have a wonderful 2015 – and we look forward to sending out your first Innovations parcel of the year!

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